What’s with the Turkey?


Every bowler knows that three strikes in a row is a turkey but why? Before the turn of the 20th century getting three strikes in a row was no small feat. So Thanksgiving and Christmas would roll around and the bowling alley would provide a turkey to the first person on each team who scored three consecutive strikes. Now here is the kicker, the turkey was alive!

And since it’s friday I don’t want to let anyone down. Here is a video of “Turkey Bowling” where a frozen turkey is thrown at some pins (usually in the form of soft drink bottles).

Did you see the stone 9 pin that George W Bush left?  He was robbed.

More details on turkey bowling can be found on wikipedia.

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  1. Drew says:

    Oh man George was so robbed with that solid 10 bottle. Still a nice little video to be entertained. Thanks :-)

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