The Trail Leg



What is the trail leg? It is your non slide leg, so it is the leg that is on the same side of your ball.

Why do I care about the trail leg? Well the trail leg provides the counter balance needed to stay balanced at the line.

When should I be concerned with it? After you push into the slide what you do with the trail leg can either help or hinder your balance at the line.

My Recommendations. Here are three things that are critical when dealing with the trail leg.

1. Keep the trail leg along the ground. Below is an example of a trail leg that leaves the ground (violently at that).

2. Lead with the toe rather than the heel. Leading with the heel often causes too much rotation and can cause balance issues.

3. Ensure the trail leg passes the slide foot. If you are right handed the trail leg should end up to the left of your slide foot. See the picture above for an example.

Doing these three things will ensure better balance at the foul line and help you consistently execute shots.

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  1. Daylen says:

    Sure the one time you put a clip of me on your website an its negative….. and you didnt even put a vid of me gettinga strike, I mean if your gunna make my form sound bad at least show me getting a strike with bad form haha lol

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