Storm Victory Road Bowling Ball Review


About the Reviewer: Gregg “Coach 3G” Taliercio is a USBC Silver Certified Bowling Coach that currently bowls in 3 leagues and various tournaments throughout the year.  To say bowling is a passion of Gregg’s would be an understatement.

Storm Victory Road Bowling Ball Review

Length (1-20): 12.5

Backend (1-20): 16.0

Overall Hook (1-100): 85.0

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The Storm Victory Road features a coverstock any Storm bowler should be familiar with (hint it’s the R2S).  The R2S is a reactive pearl that has been featured on the fast, 2fast, Reign, T-Road Pearl, to name just a few.  Storm continues using this cover because, well it’s proven and people like the reaction.  The core is a slightly modified version that was featured on the hy-road and is slightly lower in RG and slightly more in differential.  This translates to a core that will rev up a little bit faster than what we saw on the hy-road.

This ball will be very angular and produce that hockey stick reaction all the kids like to talk about, as this ball will just run amuck on a pattern with a defined hook spot.  Think skid snap and the ever popular phrase left turn .  With it’s warm maple syrup fragrance, every time you pull this ball out in league you’ll be dreaming of a good saturday brunch.  Can anyone tell me what makes a fragrance warm?  To think I didn’t even know that warm maple syrup smelled differently than those stored at room temperature.  I digress, back to the important stuff.

The bowling ball is part of Storm’s Thunder Line and it joins the ranks of all 3 Reign’s and the Hy-Road.  This is one of the most angular balls I’ve seen in a while and couple that with Storm’s continuous motion through the pins, you’ve got a real winner on the right condition.  You can snatch one up here with free shipping for a pretty reasonable price.

Let’s take a quick look at the Victory Road Specs:

Cover: R2S Pearl Reactive (featured cover on many Storm Balls)

Core: Fe3 (Symmetrical, featured in the hy-road, though slightly tweaked)

Finish: Box is 1500-grit Polished (super shiny, the kids will love it)

Color: Look up at the picture

Fragrance: WARM Maple Syrup

RG: 2.56

Differential: .052″ (roughly 5″ of Flare Potential)

Available Weights: 12-16lbs (only balls >14lbs carry the true core)

The Good

  • Ball finishes strong through the pins
  • If you want skid-snap reaction, this ball will do it
  • This ball bends a lot and the back end reaction will impress you and anyone around you
  • provides a cover that we’ve seen on a ton of balls, because it’s a cover that works
  • Will provide a great look on medium type house shot conditions
  • This ball will recover so don’t be afraid to throw it farther right than you are used to

The Bad

  • The Victory Road’s strong suit will not be fresh sport patterns as a result of the skid snap reaction
  • The fragrance makes me hungry every time I throw it and I end up spending more money at the snack bar than I anticipated.

This ball is for:

  1. Bowlers who typically find themselves on walled up house shots of the medium variety (most house shots these days)
  2. A sport condition after the lanes have broken down a bit and
  3. Someone looking for that super angular hockey stick reaction (skid-snap)

This ball is not for:

  1. A fresh sport shot, or any shot with a lot of oil length or volume.
  2. Someone looking for an arcing or controlled reaction

What are other bowlers saying about the Victory Road:

“Wow, the Storm Victory Road is an amazing bowling ball. The length and hook on the backend were fantastic. This bowling ball pounded the pocket and exploded the rack.”

– John Congdon, Bowlingball.com

“If you’re looking for that ball to stand inside on a broken down pattern and send to the right knowing it will turn the corner and return, the VICTORY ROAD is your ball.”

– Jeff Richgels, Storm Staff, The 11th Frame

You can order a Victory Road for the best online price through this link.

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  1. Smokey says:

    I have this ball and all your observations on it are correct! one other case where the ball Just Won’t Work is a “burned open” house shot where there’s lots of carry-down. While the ball is “Generally Forgiving”, you must be on the watch for the “dreaded transition” where the ball “snaps high” and starts leaving 4-pins and such (6-pins for lefties). If you can’t boost the speed, then it goes back in the bag.

    FWIW, I’ve discovered the Victory Road is the ball I go to when my Roto “Defiant” has “chewed things up” and becomes uncontrollable…

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