Storm Marvel Bowling Ball Review


About the Reviewer: Gregg “Coach 3G” Taliercio is a USBC Silver Certified Bowling Coach that currently bowls in 3 leagues and various tournaments throughout the year.  To say bowling is a passion of Gregg’s would be an understatement.

Storm Marvel Bowling Ball Review

Length (1-20): 8.0

Backend (1-20): 17.0

Overall Hook (1-100): 97.5

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The Storm Marvel features the R2X Solid Cover that was made popular by Storm’s best selling ball of all time, the virtual gravity.  Here the difference is in the core, as inside it holds the same core that was featured on the prodigy.  The low RG core revs up quick and provides a nice continuous motion through the pins.  Think of this ball as the offspring of the Virtual Gravity and The Prodigy.  Can two great balls make an even better one?

The Virtual Gravity was known for its ability to make even the rev challenged look like they hooked the ball a lot, so don’t expect anything different from this ball.  This ball handles oil with the best of them.  In fact the overall hook on the Marvel is a touch more and will react just a bit sooner than the Virtual Gravity due to the cover being more gritty with a 2000 Abralon Finish.  (The Virtual Gravity featured a 4000 Abralon Finish).  The core specifications are comparable in terms of RG and Differential (same RG, slightly less differential on the Marvel) so you can expect a pretty aggressive bowling ball here.

This bowling ball will join Storm’s Master Line alongside the Prodigy.  Since it’s not a premiere line ball you can get a stronger ball than a Virtual Gravity without the Virtual Gravity pricetag.  Check that out here if you want to order one for way less than the $229.00 retail price on this ball.

Let’s take a quick look at the Marvel Specs:

Cover: R2X Solid Reactive (featured cover on the Virtual Gravity)

Core: Centripital (Symmetrical, featured in the Prodigy)

Finish: Box is 2000-grit Abralon

Color: Look up at the picture

Fragrance: Aromatherapy

RG: 2.48

Differential: .050″ (roughly 5″ of Flare Potential)

Available Weights: 12-16lbs (only balls >14lbs carry the true core)

The Good

  • This ball is a lot of value for the money, because you are getting a premiere line ball at a master line price
  • Ball will read the lane even on heavier and longer oil patterns
  • Ball reads the midlane quick
  • Nice continuous and strong motion through the pins
  • Can make a weak wristed bowler look like they are putting some good revs on the ball

The Bad

  • If you bowl on conditions with short oil or light conditions, with this strong of a midlane read many bowlers aren’t going to be able to control this
  • Surface adjustments will be a must if you plan on using this on anything less than a heavily oiled condition (think polish!)

This ball is for:

  1. Anyone struggling on longer or oiler conditions and needs something that will hook early and often (i.e. a lot)
  2. A stroker looking to open up the lane a little more than they are used to
  3. A speed dominant player looking to see some more hook on the lane
  4. Fresh long sport patterns (you could even add some surface on something really long and heavy)

This ball is not for:

  1. A rev dominant bowler who bowls on medium oil patterns
  2. Someone who bowls on high friction surfaces like wood or guardian, or oil patterns that are short or light
  3. Someone who doesn’t throw the ball with a lot of speed, else the aggressiveness of this ball will take over in a bad way.

Let’s see what others are saying about the ball:

“This latest Master line ball has a very strong midlane read, stroner than almost anything on the market, and it saves enough power for the back end.”

– Bowling This Month, February 2011

“I see this ball working for all players. If you are looking for a ball that will be the first ball out of your bag, the Marvel is definitively a ball to look into.”

– Jimmy M. – Striking Advantage Pro Shop

Order the Marvel now at a great value.

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  1. Rick Schlauch says:

    I think the Marvel is a excellent bowling ball with the great backend of the Virtual Gravity and the control of the Qnis. Drink Rick Schlauch Beer and the Marvel will roll even better!

  2. Smokey says:

    Coach: you need to amend your title to specify this is the ** Marvel SOLID ** ball, not to be confused with the ** Marvel PEARL **, which is a totally different ball altogether (it even has a different color :) ).

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