Slow Down, Be There, Enjoy


With the internet, cell phones, texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Ipads we are often scatterbrained as we go through our day.  We drive while talking on the phone, we surf the web while watching TV, and though some call it multitasking and think they are getting more done, they are likely only kidding themselves as you can see below.

While multitasking can get stuff done, it doesn’t ever get anything done at a level of greatness.  And lets face it, multitasking doesn’t leave much room for enjoyment.  It adds a degree of stress to everything as we must take our brain back and forth when it is geared to only effectively do one thing at a time.

All this great technology at our fingertips and we somehow manage to use it to stress ourselves out, rather than use it productively.

What does this have to do with bowling?

So many people take their scatterbrained lives and carry it right on to the bowling lane.  This is especially true of the youth bowlers I coach as they gleefully text in between frames.  While coaching my high school team we had to institute a no cell phone rule.  Don’t think adults are off the hook either as I know some are worried about work, their lives at home, or maybe the fact that their New York Mets might seemingly never make the playoffs ever again (or maybe that’s just me).

So with all that said the take away point is this.  When you enter the bowling center, slow everything down and enjoy the game.  Pay attention, focus on what you are doing instead of thinking of other things (this includes outside influences like work, as well as that corner pin you just missed last frame).

And to take this a step further and apply this same technique off the lanes.  Pay attention when you are doing something as mundane as brushing your teeth, and you’ll find that you can actually enjoy the task.

When we slow down and believe me it’s not an easy thing to do, not only can we enjoy what we’re doing, we can truly achieve greatness in our lives.

Please comment below on what keeps you from being present for every shot during your game.

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