This page is half way there…please bear with me until I finish it. -Coach 3G

So many people want to know where they can get more information on how to improve their game.  While I’d eventually like to be able to provide you with all the content you need, it’s just not realistic at the moment.  So with that, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favorite resources that has brought a positive effect to either my coaching or my own game.


Bowling This Month. Not for the faint of heart, this monthly magazine is filled with all kinds of technical information that quite frankly many lack the understanding to comprehend.  That said some of the best bowling coaches in the industry produce some of the most in depth content I’ve seen in written form.  I’d steer clear of their “training room” section as some of what is written there is outdated and/or complete nonsense.  I’ll post some fitness resources below that can help fill in those gaps.

Bowler’s Journal International. While I don’t subscribe to this magazine I occasionally read the copy floating around my local center and have to say this magazine is more fluffy and polished than Bowling This Month.  I’d say more folks would gravitate toward this magazine in terms of entertainment value and understanding.

Mental Game Products

Focused for Bowling – Dr. Dean Hinitz.  Hinitz is go to guy for anything related to the mental game.  He has worked with many top bowlers in the PBA and PWBA.  Additionally he writes a column in Bowling this Month.  He is one smart dude and this book will be a great start to developing a solid mental game.

Health and Fitness

Magnificent Mobility.

Inside Out.

Maximum Strength. A program I test drove for Eric Cressey while training at Cressey Performance when I was living in Massachusetts.  I’ve never seen strength gains like this in such a short amount of time (16 weeks).  And anyone that wants to argue strength is not important in bowling I have this to say.  Bowling is a male dominant sport.  With the exception of Kelly Kulick no other woman has ever been a PBA exempt player.  That in itself proves to me strength is critical in bowling.

Precision Nutrition. Unquestionably the best resource for anything and everything nutrition.  This is not a diet plan, but a plan that will put you on the fast track to forming lasting habits to keep you lean and mean.  Many people don’t know that I was an overweight kid growing up, always bordering on obesity.  I’ve used this program to shed almost thirty pounds of fat and build some muscle (never really was a fan of Skeletor) and I’ve managed to keep the weight off for over 5 years now.

Turbulence Training. Whenever life gets in the way I always find myself turning to turbulence training workouts because they are super efficient and effective whenever you are in a pinch.  Whether you travel a lot, have family responsibilities or always end up working late this program will get you in great shape in minimal time.

Online Resources The home of Kegel Coach Joe Slowinksi, ABD, M.Ed.  Joe writes a column for Bowling This Month called “Slowinski at Large” and the articles are posted on this site for free.  Joe really has a grasp of what things to focus on and I’d suggest you download the vast majority of the articles, print them out and study them.  His targeting system has improved my game dramatically and he is in my humble opinion one of the best coaches the sport has ever seen.

United States Bowling Congress.

Professional Bowlers Association.


My Bowling Coach. The home to coaches Jeri Edwards, Fred Borden and Ron Hatfield. I’d say Borden is the meat behind most of what is on the site, so if you like his teaching style you may enjoy being a member there.