Quick Tips: Practice Spares on Dry Lanes


In an earlier article we discussed practicing spares, and I hope by now you’ve decided to throw hard and straight at them. This tip will take it a step further and encourage practicing your spares on dry lanes. This will help you take your spare game to new levels.

After the lanes have been played on quite a bit (either from open play, or after a league or long tournament block) try practicing your spares. The first thing you’ll usually notice is if you throw the ball “straight” with a polyester ball, the ball will hook more than you are used to.  This will make picking off the corner pins increasingly difficult.

So to ensure you are actually throwing the ball straight, get out on those dry lanes and practice, practice, practice.  It’s no fun to be in the later part of a league or tournament and find your ball picking up a slight roll and missing that single pin spare.

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  1. If only I could count the number of times my spare ball used to hook and miss the ten pin to the left. Throw it straight fellow bowlers!

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