Quick Bowling Tips: Use Video to Improve Your Game


Using video to capture someone bowling used to be a pain in the you know what, but recently technology has made it really easy. For a couple hundred bucks you can have similar video quality to what would have cost thousands in the past and they are more portable and easier than ever to upload to your favorite sites like youtube.

That said, there is nothing quite like seeing yourself on film and being able to watch the same shot over and over looking at each piece of the puzzle unfold. This will help identify problem areas and help dictate what your future practice sessions should focus on.

The camera I recommend is the flip. It can be had for less than a couple hundred dollars and the quality is fantastic. It does struggle a bit to capture the release really well depending on the angle you are filming from, but this little camera shines in all other aspects. You can check out the one I use here.

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  1. Smokey says:

    May I add: almost any ** DIGITAL CAMERA ** will work as the vast majority of them have “MPEG” or “AVI/FLI” recording capability. Just make sure you use the HIGHEST recording resolution, you have the camera on a tripod or perched securely on the settee counter/table, and ensure there’s “plenty of light” to ensure you get a good image.

    FYI: I first used a Sony “CD Mavica” to film myself and my “coaching students” and got very good results. :)

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