Quick Bowling Tips: Practicing on House Patterns


Often times you don’t have access to a bowling center that puts out a difficult condition like a sport shot or something similar.  So how exactly can you utilize practice time when all there is to work with is an easy house condition (often referred to as a typical house shot). The answer is 2 simple steps.

Step 1.  Figure out where you should be playing the lane to score highest.  (Typically this is somewhere in the track area for most bowlers on most house shot oil patterns)

Step 2.  Don’t play there!  Find a more difficult area of the lane where the shot is less forgiving.  Try bowling to the extreme outside of the lane, like the 4 or 5 board.  Or move further inside and try anywhere beyond the 15 board, all the way out to the 25th board.

Bowling in a suboptimal part of the lane will reward you when you make a good shot and punish you when you make an errant shot.  You may also find you will have to manipulate your release to either increase or decrease the ball reaction.  Maybe you’ll have to change the surface on your bowling ball by sanding or polishing, or change balls entirely.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are making great shots by tugging the ball in the track area and finding some hold area, or sailing one towards the channel and utilizing the friction of the dry boards to carry your ball back to the pocket.  Get out there and practice making good clean shots.

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  1. Smokey says:

    I would also add: use a PLASTIC or URETHANE ball, rather than your regular reactive. Using the “low-tech” balls will FORCE you to:

    * Focus on TARGETING
    * Focus on THE RELEASE
    * Focus on SPEED CONTROL
    * “Fine Tune” other “fundamentals”

    Also, take time to perfect CORNER PIN SPARES (7 and 10 pins) and “purposely” leaving spares (try to leave “gnarly” ones like the “1-2-4-10”). I know way too many “practicers” who concentrate on strikes, but “ignore” the spares!

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