Quick Bowling Tips: Get a Lesson


So many bowlers will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the latest “hook in a box” equipment, while never investing in themselves. A new bowling ball might temporarily inflate your average a few pins, but learning a new skill can give your average a permanent boost. Don’t think that you know it all and can’t learn from others. Ask around to find a coach in your area and get a lesson or two.

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  1. Great advice!… this is one (if not the very first) of the first things I say when someone ask me about “improvement”


  2. Wise words indeed. Making one more spare in a game will increase that game’s score by approximately 11 pins, depending on your pin count in the next frame. Next time you bowl a non-clean game pretend one of the opens is a spare and redo the math. Spares do wonders

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