Juicy Bowling


Well it’s Friday and if it’s not your favorite day of the week maybe it should be because we’ve got another spectacular video for you featuring none other than bad boy Pete Weber.

I think the message is clear, even when you are a bowler of the highest caliber it’s okay to have a little fun and shake things up. I was really amazed at the release with that pineapple. 2 strikes out of 3 is not too shabby when you are bowling with fruit. Nice job PDW!

Also if you haven’t yet heard of Ryan Ciminelli you soon will. Be sure to check out the interview at It provides some great insights to the game from a young gun that has been dominant in the first two challenges (cheetah and viper). I would have a link here for the article but the new makes it difficult to do anything (including linking). My apologies. Bowl this weekend, would ya?!

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