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Participating in sport bowling tournaments and leagues has really led me to re-evaluate bowling as a sport, as well as reassess my game.  It took some time for me to realize I had done so much damage and taken so much for granted growing up and only bowling on easy house conditions.  Sport bowling has taken my game to the next level and it can do the same for you.

With the advent of PBA Experience Leagues, sport bowling has been able to reach a good number of bowling centers.  First thing to do is check on bowl.com for a league near you, and the next thing to do is call the center and find out how to sign up.

Why should I join a sport bowling league?  Bowling in a sport league is more true to the sport, and rewards those who make quality shots.  It will force you to reassess certain areas of your game like spare making, mental concentration, targeting, equipment, etc as it tends to exaggerate your problem areas.  In short it will make you a better bowler, you’ll appreciate the sport and did I mention it will make you a better bowler?

I’m a Youth bowler, why should I bowl in a sport league?  Any bowler in a youth program should start exposing themselves to sport bowling as soon as possible.  I see so many kids being subjected to a rude awakening when they go to a sport bowling tournament unprepared.  Not to mention the fact that if a youth bowler goes into a collegiate bowling program they are absolutely going to face some difficult sport bowling conditions.

What if my center doesn’t have a sport bowling league?  I’d suggest you talk with the higher ups at the bowling alley and see if they’d be willing to support a sport bowling league.  If enough bowlers show interest they will be forced to accommodate you.  If they are resistant, hopefully you can find another center that is fairly close that is willing to do it.

So what are you waiting for, find a league for the fall and sign up!

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  1. I am a strong believer in bowlers of all ages bowling on tough oil patterns e.g. sport shots. Sport shots continue to improve my game, and has done so dramatically. Tough oil patterns force me to throw more accurate shots, concentrate on every single shot, first ball and second ball, and develop a well strong mental game that I carry on every time I bowl (I do not dwell on a missed opportunity, as this will carry on to the next shot and that is most certainly not good on sport shots). Bowling on said patterns leaves me with many spare opportunities. As we all know, not making spares equals lower averages so this quickly pushed me to make quality shots. Challenging myself to bowl on sport shots has done everything that Coach 3G mentions in this article. All in all, bowling on tough patterns has increased my game on both sides of the court. I also suggest joining a league that does not put out a house shot. House shots will develop bad habits which I had to painfully overcome.

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