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Having a relaxed grip on the ball will give you a more consistent release. The most critical part about being able to keep the hand relaxed is the fit of the ball itself, so work with your favorite pro shop operator and ensure the fit is good. Once you have that taken care of, the pressure(pun intended) is on you to relax your hand in the ball.  It should feel as though you aren’t even holding on to the ball.

Sometimes you just have to let go

Sometimes you just have to let go

Think of the ball as an egg and keep your hand “soft” as the last thing you want to do is crack the egg.

A quick drill that I like to do when I’m practicing is to get set on the approach and squeeze the ball really tightly with my fingers and thumb for a few seconds and then relax the hand. I then go and take the shot.

This accomplishes 2 things. It will ensure you can feel the difference between squeezing and relaxing and if nothing else, tires your hand so you can’t squeeze the ball as hard. This will allow you to really relax your hand more and more to the point where your hand feels completely relaxed in the ball (both fingers and thumb!).

Give it a try and you’ll have a better release in no time.

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