Bowling, Lego and a Guitar


So it’s Friday and I did a little digging to find this video for you.  So what could bowling, Lego and a guitar have in common?  Check out the video below to find out.

Hope you enjoyed that video and if you didn’t, at least the weekend will be here soon (so look forward to that).  Don’t worry about me this weekend, as I’m headed to California for my birthday!  The bowling approach will be back next week with some more tips, articles and more.  So be sure to swing by and drop a comment.

Also, Joe Slowinski had a great article on how sleep can affect your bowling.  I’m actually writing this after my bed time, maybe I should heed some of his advice.  You can check out the article by clicking here.

A Special Message from Coach 3g:

With The Bowling Approach only being live for 2 Months, I have to say the response to the site has been nothing but overwhelming and humbling and I thank you for that.  I’ve been working to bring information to help improve your game and through comments (be it online or in person), tweets and facebook messages I know I’m moving in the right direction.

Also I’ve been able to secure the domain bowlingapproach.com, so if you type that in your browser you will be redirected to the main site (thebowlingapproach.com).  I heard a lot of complaints about having to type in “the” so now you can rest your fingers a bit.  Better yet you can bookmark the site and you’ll never have to type it again.

A special thanks and shout out to all the facebook fans who helped the fan page reach “vanity” status with over 100 members.  The fan base is growing quite rapidly through word of mouth and I thank you all for that.  You can become a fan by visiting the facebook fan page now conveniently located at facebook.com/bowlingapproach.

So stick with me and we can all take our games to new levels.

Until Next time,

Coach 3G

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