Coach 3G

Who is Gregg Taliercio & just who does he think he is?

Hi, I’m Gregg Taliercio, though many know me as Coach 3G.  I’m the founder and author of  I’m 25 years old and recently moved to Utah.  This page will give you details that led me to get into bowling and how it eventually led me to start  Some of the dates are a bit fuzzy, but they are to the best of my recollection.

1989. This marked my first experience with bowling.  I was only 6 years old and my Mom took me to bowl a couple games while my brother attended a bowling birthday party.  I bowled without bumpers and managed a score of 43.

1990. My second experience with bowling occurred a year later when one of my classmates had a birthday party at the local lanes.  This was my first experience with bumpers and I somehow managed to bowl my first game over 100.

1993. I joined my first league with my brother and a couple close friends.  Upon conclusion of the league I owned my very own 10lb bowling ball.

1998. I decided to make the switch to fingertip grip and received my very own Ebonite Cougar.  Being able to hook the ball like my father made me happy.

2001. The summer after high school completed was when my bowling really picked up momentum.  I joined a league that allows for 10 free games a day and bowling becomes an everyday activity.  I probably bowled close to 500 games that summer.  I attended college that fall at Stevens Institute of Technology.  They have a bowling alley on campus and it’s FREE!!(Well after you’ve paid the five figure tuition fee it was free).  I was out to get my moneys worth.  The college has neither a team nor a club, bummer.

2002. The Stevens Bowling Club had been established and funds became available for club sports at Stevens.  With the help of one of my close friends I founded the Stevens Bowling Team which participates in USBC Intercollegiate Bowling.  We only managed 1 appearance our first year.  I would soon discover sport bowling and realize how much work I have to do.

2003. The Stevens Bowling Alley Conducts its first tournament ever.  27 people come out to bowl and I managed to come out on top.

2005. The Stevens Bowling Alley Conducts its last tournament.  The competition was a bit more fierce, but I bring my A game and manage to edge out the Stevens Alley Superstars.

Summer 2005. I decide to get serious and get some coaching from the Pros.  PBA Hall of Famer Dick Ritger(recently named to Coaching Hall of Fame as well) and the first exempt PBA female Kelly Kulick round out a week of coaching that reshaped my game and got back to basics.

Spring 2006. My Senior Year, the team had been well established and we managed to make it to the National Tournament Qualifier in Chattanooga, TN.

Summer 2006. I start having lower back pain and pain in my joints that gets compounded by my new job which involves quite a bit of sitting.  I scale back my bowling accordingly and begin searching for solutions.

Summer 2007. I moved to Boston and attended a seminar on Nutrition(another passion of mine) by Dr. John Berardi and end up meeting Eric Cressey in the process.  Eric and later the rest of the Cressey Performance crew helps me erase all my lower back problems while getting stronger and fixing my posture.  I would continue training at Cressey Performance for my remaining time in Boston.

2008. After 3 years post college bowling, I’ve continued to search for the level of competition collegiate bowling delivered.  I’ve settled for sport bowling leagues, and pba experience leagues which fall somewhere in between a regular league and collegiate competition.

As far as coaching I decided to get my bronze level coaching certification via the USBC so I can help others with their game.

2010. Received my USBC Silver Certification!  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about coaching.

Now. All this coupled with being a true student of the game led me to start  I want to offer people a means to get good information to improve their game.  I hope to build a strong online community where everyone is open to sharing their thoughts so everyone can learn, including myself.

I currently coach in Salt Lake City.  I can be found coaching the youth league at Karen Pullman’s Pro Shop and Bowling Center, and sometimes at the Youth Bowler’s Tour travel league.  I was recently elected to the GSLBA Youth Committee.