4 Reasons You Should Bowl


1.  Bowling is Physical. You need to move more.  Our sedentary lifestyles often lead down a path towards obesity and other chronic diseases.  Why sit on the couch channel surfing when you can head to your local alley and bowl a couple games.  In fact, says bowling can burn over 200 calories in just one hour of playing.  Do that a few times a week and over the course of a month it can surely add up to something more substantial.  Now I’m not saying bowling will turn you into the next Mr. or Mrs. Olympia, but being that bowling is not as rigorous as many other sports it is a great place for many people to start.

2.  Bowling is a lifetime sport. Whether you are 4 years old or 104, bowling can be played throughout the entirety of your life.  Heck if a 78 year old, legally blind man can bowl a perfect game and a 106 year old can participate in a weekly league, you have no excuse.  It’s a proven fact that finding a physical activity that can be performed for the duration of your life will lead to a better quality of life.

3.  Bowling creates a social environment. With the advent of video games, cell phones and the internet, people are turning themselves off from typical human interaction.  This is why you need to take a trip down to your local lanes.  There you’ll find people from all walks of life.  According to the USBC (Bowling’s Governing Body) over 67 million people bowled last year making it the nation’s number 1 participatory sport.  Think about all those people you can meet, all 67 million!(well not really, but it’s a big number nonetheless)

And for all of you guys on the prowl it’s worth noting that 49% of the bowlers last year were female.  Rather than bowling solo on your Nintendo Wii this Friday night, why don’t you head to the lanes with a couple friends and meet some people?  Often you will be assigned to a pair of lanes with total strangers bowling alongside you.  Don’t be shy now.

49%!  I'll take those odds.

49%! I'll take those odds.

4.  Bowling has something for everyone.
Whether you are looking to be the next PBA superstar like Chris Barnes or Kelly Kulick, or are just looking for a little competition, bowling has much to offer. 

Friday and Saturday Night you can often find “Disco Bowling” or something similar in which there will be trippy lights, fog machines, loud music (often of the electronic variety), black lights and the like.

For those looking for a little something more organized weekly handicap leagues from youth to adult are available at your local bowling center.  Various league formats from doubles, trios and the standard 4 person teams are available at most centers on a weekly basis giving you some continuity to your game.  Leagues will typically have a handicap system in place so even when you are just starting out you can still be competitive.

For something even more competitive and challenging, there are scratch leagues and tournaments that are often played for a substantial amount of money.  Some centers are even offing PBA leagues which feature the same conditions the professional bowlers encounter.

Additionally. specialized youth programs that lead into more structured high school and collegiate bowling programs are great for the student/athlete.

Bowling even has specialized equipment to allow handicap people to bowl, and children at ludicrously low ages.

That’s a wrap. You probably get the message by now, but if not I’ll leave you with this, bowling can be all things to all people.  Get out there and bowl already.

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