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With the advent of a new year I’d like to talk about a topic that most bowlers are still lacking in, and that is the failure to use a structured practice plan to hone their bowling technique.

How many times will bowlers continually go down to the lanes and just throw shot after shot, make note of their score and finish having learned nothing about their game?

Each practice session must be a goal driven event where you set forth to do something that you planned before you even arrived at the bowling center.

This year make an effort to include some drills and pick out some of the flaws in your game and work on them. Maybe learn the one-step drill and become proficient at it. Take a spare you struggle with and try some different techniques for knocking it down, whether it be a physical adjustment, or a lane play adjustment (or for some a mental adjustment, let go of that anger before you step up to shoot at the spare). This tip will lead to progression, rather than stagnation or worse, regression.

I hope all my readers have had a happy and safe holiday season, and I wish you all the best in 2012.

So what parts of your game are you going to work on in 2012? Please comment below.

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