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There has been a lot going on in bowling these last few weeks and I hope you are keeping up to date on the World Series of Bowling. You can always check out all the action on PBA Xtra Frame. Additionally fall leagues are now forming, so get your team together and join a league.

It is Friday and I know you are all expecting a bowling video that not only entertains, but produces belly laughs. I don’t think this one will disappoint.

It looks like Barnes, Duke, and Jones had a blast bowling out on the streets of NYC. I loved “taking out the trash” as well as the fact that it was cheaper to close down one lane of traffic. Tommy Jones putting a hole in the lane was just the icing on the cake. Hope you enjoyed. See you next week.

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I originally heard the term while watching some PBA Xtra Frame, and though I’m not sure who coined the term, the Bowling Doctor Jeff Mark referred to the typical house bowler style as “stomp and spray.”  I thought this was a great way of describing the bowler who has bastardized his game to conform to one lane condition at one particular center.  The best part is this bowler will actually gloat about how they carry an average equal to the players on tour and not realize how meaningless his 200+ average actually is.

Area Bowling.  This is simply when a bowler decides he isn’t going to target anything and is just going to throw the ball to the right and watch the dry boards pick up the ball and hope that it carries the ball back to the pocket.  This method has been popularized over the past few decades with the induction of modern bowling equipment and walled up house oil patterns (i.e. easy, high scoring patterns).

Spraying the Ball. Spraying the ball refers to the bowler that has a lot of area and could roll a 230 game with 7 boards of area at the breakpoint.  To determine how badly you are spraying the ball you need to watch the path of the ball after you release it.  Watch the ball as it rolls through your target (or not if you failed to hit it) and then follow the ball path with your eyes to the break point to see how consistently you are hitting the breakpoint*.

So if you are an area bowler I first want you to be aware of it and second I want you to really work on honing your skills and hitting your targets and breakpoints(also important is the exit point of the oil pattern, but that is a discussion for a different time and day).  Relying on the oil pattern to carry your ball back to the pocket isn’t going to get you anywhere when you encounter a tournament condition or finally make that trip out to nationals.

The reality is I’ve seen many stomp and spray bowlers get a rude awakening when they finally try a sport condition for the first time.  A 200+ bowler could easily struggle to maintain a 160 average in a sport league.  I’ve seen it time and time again.

*Breakpoint – The point at which the ball begins to change directions and head back towards the pocket.

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Bowling Etiquette: 8 Simple Rules

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I’m not going to lie to you, etiquette is a really difficult word to spell. So much so that I was tempted to call this article bowling courtesy, but then I realized I didn’t know how to spell that either. Anyway, so this will inevitably turn into a long rant on respecting the sport of bowling, so if you aren’t in the mood, I suggest you scroll down and click around to find something else to read. If you are still on board lets dig in.

I remember the first thing my Dad taught me about bowling and it wasn’t what ball to throw, how to throw it or anything of that sort. It was something called lane courtesy. He told me to check to the left and right to see ensure nobody else was going before I lined up to bowl.

I think this kind of thinking is absent from today’s game. I see time and time again people bowling who don’t understand the basics. I’m betting it’s not even their fault, as they just probably were never taught. So I’m always indecisive as to whether to sound snobby and try and educate or to just deal with it and try and sneak my shots in when I can. Sometimes I do the former, but other times I do the latter. What do you think is the right thing to do in that situation?

Let’s talk etiquette. Websters dictionary defines…, just kidding this isn’t a research paper. Etiquette is a fancy word that basically takes into account the general consideration of other people. When you are bowling there is a few things you need to in order to avoid interfering with others.

Stay off the approach unless you are bowling. If it’s not your turn, get off the approach.  If your ball is finished knocking pins over, get off the approach.  If you need to mentally regroup for any reason, whether it be a distraction, or anything else, get off the approach and start over.

Who has the right of way? Much like pulling up to a stop sign at the same time as another car, getting up to the approach at the same time as another bowler is inevitable.  In bowling there is a simple rule, the bowler to the right has the right of way.  And if you are thinking you can get setup on the approach to bowl at this time while waiting on the other person, please refer to rule number 1 (OMG are you seriously on the approach right now!)

Other good tips, and by tips I mean rules:

Stop running out shots. People are getting set to bowl next to you, and it is destracting.  If you have the approach all to yourself and you want to be ridiculous, then by all means go for it.

Do not bring food or drink anywhere near the bowling approach. You will inevitably spill it and that leaves a sticky situation. It can actually turn quite dangerous if someone takes a bad fall from sticky shoes.

Be ready to bowl when it is your turn. Try and time your trips to the bathroom and snack bar accordingly (i.e. right after you complete your frame).  Now if you gotta go, you gotta go.  I don’t want to hear about any accidents as a result of this rule.

Don’t use profane language. I see this a lot in youth league especially and sometimes it’s from the kids and sometimes from the parents.  I sometimes curse like a sailor(typically not bowling related) but I’ve been pretty good lately at keeping myself in check.  You should try and do the same.

bowling-foul-fowl-language1The pin doesn’t care what you have to say

Keep the spare ball off the ball return. Sometimes the ball return is crammed with bowling balls.  If you have more than one on the rack keep your spare ball off to the side so it doesn’t jam up the ball return.

Be Ready. When it is your turn to bowl, get up there and be ready to bowl.

Shut Up. Don’t talk to someone who is about to bowl.  This is a time where concentration is key.  If you don’t let them focus on their bowling they will inevitably falter.

I hope I have inspired you to share the rules of the game, and by that I mean the rules that extend beyond foul lines, ball weights and scoring.  I also hope that you will personally take responsibility for your actions on the lanes.  There are some grey areas to bowling etiquette that we’ll discuss in later articles, like burning up someones oil with a super sanded ball so you eliminate their chances of scoring.  Do you have a bowling etiquette “rule” you’d like to share?  Leave a comment below.

On a side note, fall leagues are forming really soon, so get down to your local alley and sign up today.

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